Brännö Island in Gothenburg

Near the city of Gothenburg/Göteborg you have archipelagos that you can visit. It take some time to go from the city center of Gothenburg to the place to take the ferry in Saltholmen (Tram 11, terminus). It can take around 1 hour to go there and 20 more minutes to arrive on Brännö Island (ferry 282 or 283).

Brännö Island

The ferry is really smooth and take the passengers from one island to another. It’s part of the västtrafik service so if you have a tram card you don’t have to pay a ticket. When you arrive on Brännö you can follow the map (available on board) and go on a point of view on top of a hill. We had a 360° view.

Sea side

If go back, walk towards the harbor and search for a café you can be surprised because all the café and restaurants are not open until the touristic season (summer). It’s better to bring water and a snack with you if you go there !

I hope you will have perfect the day, bright sun, blue sky and little wind. The island Brännö is small, cosy, quiet and beautiful. Don’t hesitate to visit the other Archipelagos !

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