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Hi everyone, only three days in Gothenburg and you want to see the most of it? Here is the next part of plans for a tourist, in the previous one I talked about: the city centre, Haga neighbourhood and doing fika in café Husaren. Another “Must Do” is to spend a day in the archipelagos near Gothenburg and if you bought a 1-day or 3-days tram pass the ferry to the southern archipelagos are included, no extra cost (if you want to know more: http://www.goteborg.com/en/good-to-know/getting-to-the-archipelago/). Here is a little map of the southern archipelagos:

Archipelagos map.jpg

If you want more pictures of Brännö island you can read my previous article on the island: http://www.livetravelbecrazy.com/branno-island-sweden-archipelago-of-gothenburg/. If you are going to Styrsö just remenber that there is three differents stops (Styrsö Tängen, Brätten and Skäret). We chose to stop at Styrsö Skäret and to walk to Styrsö Brätten (in the nature and near the coast).

While you are in Gothenburg walk on Avenynn street, there is a lot of shops, cafés and at the end there is the Göteborg’s Museum of Art (Götaplatsen) with the famous statue of Poseïdon. During spring and summer time you can take the Liseberg – Centralstationen tram (it’s an old tram and it’s better to check the time schedule ahead on a tram stop).

To finish the “Must Do” list of things to do in Gothenburg you can visit the Domkyrkan cathedral of Gothenburg and it’s close to the tram stop of the same name, the inside was renovated not a long time ago and it’s bright white and gold. Take a green breathe in Slottskogen park near the city center and there is also a really nice and diverse zoo in the middle (http://www.livetravelbecrazy.com/goteborg-sweden-lets-catch-the-sun/http://www.livetravelbecrazy.com/goteborg-sweden-lets-catch-the-sun/) . The Botanic garden (Botaniska Trädgården) is really close to the park and you can enjoy the world’s biggest collection of orchids.

Three full days, One city: Welcome to Gothenburg




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