Top Must Do in Seoul (Part 2)

Ready for part 2 ? One thing we are all looking for while visiting a foreign country is to see if they have places or food from our home country. Discover what Seoul has to offer !

#4 Seorae Ma-Eul

A little of piece of France. As French people in a foreign country you might want to visit the french neighborhood in Seoul. Go to the Parc Montmartre and meet some rabbits. You can access this neighborhood via bus express ligne, ligne 7. It’s really fast if you are coming from the city center.

#5 Seokchon lake

In April, it’s officially spring in Seoul and it’s often last for two or three weeks so you have to enjoy it. You can go see the cherry blossoms in the streets, near a lake or go to an attraction park (Lotte world). One of thespring tradition is to eat chicken with beer (치맥) outside with friends, the delivery is possible everywhere in the city. Seokchon lake is just perfect for 치맥 (chicken-beer), watching chery blossoms, enjoying the lake, go to the amusement park….

#6 Lotus Lantern festival (연등회)

Every year in South Korea is held the Lotus Lantern Festival to celebrate Buddha’s birth. Before the festival, the whole city is decorated with lotus-shaped lanterns several weeks ahead. In Jangeumdang a large lantern, which symbolizes Buddhism, is light on to launch the festival. The Festival programm varies a lot one year to another so go check it on the official website  here. The Lotus Lantern Festival is a must do if you are in Seoul, a really nice event.

Source : Anil Sakya

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