A week in Lapland (Part 3)

Let’s go see the Fjords ! The Norwish lapland is really close from Sweden, It only takes 2 hours by bus from the Abisko National Park. Don’t hesitate to read my article “Top Must Do in Lapland“.

#8 Fjords

Take the chance to stop before the city of Narvik to admire the Fjords and contemplate the cristal clear water. The blue sky and clouds were reflecting into the water and created nice sceneries. Be careful if you are throwing rocks on the surface of the lake because in winter wales are coming really close !

#9 Narvik

Drove to the city of Narvik, which is a nice little harbor city in the north, and take time to look around and visit the city. Walk towards the harbor and see the port. The weather is often warmer than Abisko. If you want to keep yourself warm and still want a nice view, the top floor of the Scandic hotel will be perfect.

#10 Traditional wooden-heated sauna

In the STF Abisko Turistation, you have the opportunity to try out a traditional wooden-heated Swedish sauna and take a dip in the ice-cold lake ! The sauna is really enjoyable but going into the ice-cold water is truly an experience to do.

#11 Mountain & Waterfall

If you have some free time to spend around the Abisko national park you can take a ski lift up to the highest mountain and had a 360° degrees view on the valley. Back on the ground you can also take the direction of the canyon and the waterfall.

Lapland is amazing and if you have the chance to go to Lapland just go you will love it !




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