A week in Lapland (Part 2)

Let’s see the Northern Lights ! You can continue your trip in Lapland by going further North in the Norwish lapland and see what’s the nature hides up there. Don’t hesitate to read my article “Top Must Do in Lapland“.

#5 Sami Farm

Why not take the chance to learn more about the Sami culture ? You can visit traditional Sami farm with reindeers. The Sami culture is really present in the North of Sweden and alongside the road the indications are in Swedish and in Sami language. Sami people live of the mivestock farming of reindeer. If you are going to a farm you will see reindeers, feed them and pet them. They are really beautiful and calm animals. It’s a nice thing to do if you have the chance.

#6 Abisko National Park

The Abisko National Park, a 77 km² national park, just nature, animals and tourists. You can rent simple rooms in the dorms in the STF Abisko Turistation, if you are a family you can rent private houses. This park is the perfect spot to catch Aurora borealis / Northern lights at night !

#7 Northern lights / Auroras Borealis

During the night you can follow groups or go yourself in the nature to wait for some green fog in the night sky. The Auroras Borealis can “appear” at different time accoridng to the month you are going there. It is amazing to see the Auroras “dance” above your head and changing colors : green, pink and purple. Be sure to wear wram clothes and gloves ! (-20°C).

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