Harry Potter Studios

Let’s visit the Harry Potter studio near London. Did you know that the studios were closer to the city of Oxford (only 1h30 of bus away) than London ?  If you are going from London you have a dedicated bus to go there.

Warners Bros: The Making of Harry Potter

After a short guide presentation (video with the main actors and story telling about the Grand Hall) you will be free to visit the studio. The visit start with the Grand Hall (mythical place) and an exposition of the costumes of the different actors.

Did you know ?

It’s really funny to know that the buffet that was displayed in the movies were all fake for sanitary reasons. The the food that the actors ate was the only real one. They had to create a lot of props for this (a lot of fake turkeys, apples and other type of food in the studio tour).

Decors and Props

You will see how much decors and props they had to create and use. They put much attention into the details. It really feels like you are in the movie ! I was really impressed by the decor of the Ministery of Magic and the Umbridge’s office. The details were stunning.


Creature Shop

The second part of the studios is dedicated to the creature shop and the decors that were used to creature the city around Hogwards (Olivander shop, Hogwards).

Are you a little nostalgic now ?

Source : Youtube channel Enrique Sacault



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