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Christ Church College

What’s the news…….Day – 8, Soon it will be the end of my semester in the city of Oxford, three full months of studying, having fun and making discoveries. In one week I will go back home in France for christmas, in Paris, after three months in Oxford. It’s already time to look back and save memories, I discovered some nice tea and english breakfast places (http://www.livetravelbecrazy.com/oxford-uk-tea-place/), I visited amazing places (http://www.livetravelbecrazy.com/oxford-uk-university-colleges/ & http://www.livetravelbecrazy.com/oxford-uk-harry-potter-studios/) and I went to important events ( http://www.livetravelbecrazy.com/oxford-uk-microsoft-future-decoded-london/). Overall it has been a rich semester, full of novelty.

I can’t wait !

My next stop for my full year abroad is a North country. I will go to Sweden in the middle of January and most preparations are done: I have my letter of acceptation for my university (http://www.gu.se/english), my plane tickets, my apartment in the city center and now…….I need to think about what clothes and shoes to bring with me. This will be the first time for me to live in a North country and to have a really cold winter. Soooo, I hope I will bring enough warm clothes that will fit in a suitcase and the approriate shoes: Girls problems. I am also looking forward to travel during my semester in Sweden maybe go in Lapland, in Finland or maybe Russia. I will see!

What’s coming next?


~Ready to live in Gothenburg ?~




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