Top Must Do in Oslo

Hey everyone ! During your stay in Sweden don’t miss the opportunity to see the city of Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Oslo is only 3h30 away by bus from the wonderful city of Gothenburg.  So here is what I planned to do in 24 hours, took into account the fact thatyou can walk.

One Day Tourist Map

#1 Opera House of Oslo

The famous Opera House of Oslo is truly stunning, by the sea, all white. It’s so nice to walk on the rooftop and lay down for a few minutes, looking at the horizon and the city. You can eat on the rooftop too, right on top of the city of Oslo.

#2 Akershus fortress

You can walk by the waterside until you arrive to the Akershus fortress (free entrance), and Akershus castle (for student are 50 Norwish krona). In the castle you can visit the Akershus Castle church, the Royal Museum and different rooms.

#3 City Hall

After walking around the fortress and castle heade towards the City Hall and the port. If you want to eat something or do some shopping you can take the direction of Aaker Brygge, which is a dynamic area really close to the City Hall. You can buy food, sit near the port or on the bench in front of the City hall contemplating the sea.

#4 Royal Palace

It only take a 10 minutes walk from the City Hall to go to the Royal Palace, enjoy a little walk on the park behind it and rest a little. After a little break, go down the big avenue Karl Johans Gatan  to see the National Gallery (close on Monday)  and see the famous painting by E.Munch, the scream.

I follow the street until the Oslo University’s buildings, …..And  finish your day as it started: on top of the Opera !

One day, One city, Challenge accepted !

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