Road Trip in Japan – Tokyo

The last city that whould be on your road trip must be Tokyo. If you want to save some money you can take a night bus to go to Tokyo. And you can be lucky to see Mount Fuji during your ride.

#8 Shinjuku & Harajuku

Wander in the streets of Shinjuku before strolling in Harajuku (be careful there is a lot of people during Golden week because it’s a national holiday in Japan). It’s a fantastic neighbourhood, you can by cute clothes, cosplay accesories and if you walk a little you will arrive to the host/hostess neighbourhood. The Takeshita street or coplayer street is really near Harajuku.

#9 Akihabara

You can’t go to Tokyo without going to the famous Akihabara neighbourhood. Lost yourself in manga shops, anime, games and….maid café. While you are here why not try a maids café (like the “Queens court”). A maid café is really a special experience, if you choose a themed café (most speak english) be careful of the price for entrance/drinks/photos (it can be really expensive). It’s a unique experience.

#10 Skytree

Take the elevator to the stars. Take a walk towards the Skytree (different from the Tokyo tower) but the Skytree is perfect. Check beforehand the festival periods and be there when they shoot fireworks near the river. Enjoy a 360° city view by day and by night.

#11 Asakusa temple (Senso-ji)

In Asakusa aea you will find the Senso-ji temple which is the oldest buddhist temple in Tokyo. There is often festivals near the temple and you can find traditional, handcraft objects near the temple and the shrine.

#12 Mount Fuji (富士山)

The last things I recommend you to do if you have the time and if the weather allow you to do will be to climb the Mount Fuji ! Be careful of the season and the holidays (some facilities can be closed).

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