Hey everyone ! I am so excited, a new blog, a new name and so many travels ahead. I am going to talk about The Liebster Award:  an award for bloggers who you think deserve more recognition for their work. The idea is to help other bloggers grow their following with these nominations. There is not an award as such, since being nominated is already a price! I am so happy to have been nominated and I had the chance to discover new amazing bloggers.

Nomination :

I was nominated by the colorful Becca from Trails Of Becca who is a new travel blogger, she shares her travels and discoveries online. I really want to thank you a lot for this not expected nomination. It feels so nice to have some recognition! You can find Becca blog on twitter and instagram !

I also want to thank Laurena of the wonderful blog Travel you Dreams that also nominated me for this award ! I can’t answer both answers and nominated twice the number of nominees but I really want to give a big thanks and will follow your adventure closely ;). You can find her blog on twitter.

What’s the rules :


You should answer the 11 questions you have been given in your nomination.

Nominate  and write about another 5 to 11 blogs you like.

Pick 11 new questions for your nominees.

Questions :

  1. Why did you start a travel blog?

I started my old travel blog 2 years ago when I went to study in South Korea. I continued my blog (and enhanced it), I wanted to show what I saw and connect with people. I always wanted include more than my family and friends in my adventures.

2. Where was your first destination?

The first destination where I went to study by myself was South Korea, Seoul, and I loved every moments I spend there. I think I have the travel-addict-syndrom since a young age.

3. What is the longest time you spent traveling?

Most of the time I stayed between 4 to 6 months in the same place (while traveling in between, can’t stay in one place).  I have the always-moving symptom.

4. What is your favorite mean of transport?

Hummm….that’s a difficult question. I think I prefer planes for long distance but local transports, like trams and buses, to discover a city. In reality, I spend most of my time walking, I love to walk and I think it’s the best way to discover a city and find unexpected places.

5. What is your dream destination?

I have two dream destinations, I litteraly dream to go there ! The first one is the “Lost city of Petra” in Jordan. A city located between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea and It’s one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites. I will definitely go there ! The second one is to go see the Machu Picchu city, an Inca citadel situated in Peru. I will see which one I will do first.

6. Would you rather travel alone or with someone?

I am used to travel in groups (2 to 4 people) and it’s really nice to have other people to travel with. You can share ideas, adresses and ideas. In fact, I also really like to travel alone, it gave me the opportunity to “get lost” in the city, to follow my wishes and change my mind when I wanted to.

7. What is your favorite memory or experience you lived while traveling?

My favourite experience during a travel is to create a link with the people. In Sweden, I was really surprised by how nice and helpful people were. One day I got lost in Gothenburg (yes, yes, I do get lost and more than I wished) and a swedish woman naturally talked to me and helped me. One of my friends lost her wallet in the street and 2 hours later she received a message on Facebook by a man that found her wallet. She had it back and with everything on it ! People are what made my travels so unique.

8. What are your essentials when it comes to packing?

I have a few essentials when it come to packing: medecine, copy of passport/credit card/visa, my camera (my true love), good shoes and a very good backpack.

9. What is your favorite type of accommodation?

When I am traveling for a few days or for a road trip (like in Japan) I prefer to use local accomodation or youth hostels. It allow me to meet local people and other travelers. It’s a different experience in comaprison with inn or big hotels.

10. Is there any place you would want to visit again?

I obsolutely want to go back to South Korea, this country stole my heart when I lived there. One of my goal is to go work there after my degree, to start my carrier. It litterally felt like home !

11. Where will you be heading to next?

My next destination is Belgium, Brussels, in the beginning of August. I also want to go to Germany, Berlin and Hamburg, in Septemeber !

Nominees (in no specific order…) :

1.One More Backpacker @1MoreBackpacker

Dani is a Spanish-French-Mexican who was born in Paris. He shared his travels experience and really make you want to go there. Special tips for backackers !

His blog: http://www.onemorebackpacker.com/

His Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onemorebackpacker/

2.Oana Roua @OanaRoua

Joanna is a Traveler. Dreamer. Cat lover. Wondering around the world with my backpack and her camera. Contributing to make the world a better place. Don’t hesitate to follow her !

Her blog: http://www.theworldinmypocket.co.uk/

Her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheWorldInMyPocket.co.uk/

3.Michelle H @michwanderlust

Michelle was born and raised in sunny Singapore. One of her greatest pleasures in life now is seeing for herself those places that she has dreamed of visiting for years. Follow her on her adventures !

Her blog: https://michwanderlust.wordpress.com/

Her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michhwanderlust/

4.Lisa Love Sun Life @LisaLoveSunLife

Lisa was born in Scotland. She started travelling when she moved to London at seventeen and then went to live in New York for a few months at twenty-one. Over the years she have worked for a variety of travel companies starting as a Holiday Rep and working my way up to become a Resort Manager.

Her blog: https://lisalovesunlife.com/

Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisalovesunlife/

5. Toby & Tamar @tobyandtamar

Toby and Tamar are a team and they complement each other well. Toby is almost one with his camera and does most of the photography and videography for “tobyandtamar”. Tamar is behind most of the written content on the website. This dynamic duo will bring you witht them in their travels !

Their blog: http://tobyandtamar.com/

Their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tobyandtamar/#

Your Questions

  1. Why did you start a Travel Blog and what made you continue?
  2. Do you think blogging made your travel experience better?
  3. Do you have a recommendations for someone who want to travel?
  4. If you had one destination that you will recommend yo visit before your death, which one will it be?
  5. What is your top three dream destinations ?
  6. Where did you travel recently?
  7. Do you have a favourite way to search information for your next adventure ?
  8. What is a must-bring-with-me-or-I-am-dead thing to bring with you ?
  9. Did you got lost somewhere and found an unexpected place ?
  10. Why do you travel ?
  11. Where is your next adventure ?

It’s time to swith places and for you to talk about you and your dreams ! I am really excited to know more about you and to discover even more bloggers. I can’t wait to read your answers

Travel well and Travel far !
















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Young curious traveller I have the world on my bucketlist. Never stop being curious, Always surprised and Often lost for the better. Travel well and Travel far !

2 Replies to “WTN N°4 – THE LIEBSTER AWARD

  1. Congrats on the nomination and thanks for nominating me in turn! 🙂 I agree that walking is the best way to see a city and I’m dying to see Machu Picchu too! I’ve been to Petra – did a daytrip from Egypt – but honestly I was so blown away by the sights of Egypt that it was hard to get overly enthused about Petra. I did enjoy the Treasury in Petra (aka the temple housing the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones) though! If you go, remember to bring lots of water and maybe an umbrella because it gets super hot out there.

    1. You are welcome, I really like your blog ;). If I go to the city of Petra I will definetly visit Egypt!
      I will bring water, sunscream and a lot of water XD. Can’t wait to plan a trip there or Machu Picchu which ever come first <3.

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