Art Deco Exposition in Paris

This year, 2015-2016, is a year of collaboration between South Korea and France (cultural, political,…) with a lot of events dispatch during the year.One of those event was the exposition of Korean clothing style in the Art décoratif Museum (at the Louvre in Paris. You will be able to learn more about the history and the relationship of Korean people with clothes and the colours signification.

The Exposition

The clothes was organised by colours (Red, Yellow, Black, Blue and White) and the meaning in the Korean culture. The first floor was dedicated to the red, yellow and black color and the second floor was dedicated to the blue and white color. It’s the first exposition of three around S.Korea: fashion, design and craft.

Colours Signification


  • Red: High, South, Passion, Fire, Summer, Non-married woman
  • Yellow: Center, Rich, Ground
  • Black: Under, Wisdom, Winter
  • Blue: Left, Integrity, East, Tree, Spring
  • White: Right, Detachment, Metal, Autumn



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