A day in London

London is full of surprises and places to visit like famous Museums (Science, Tate Modern, Natural History) and monument (Tower bridge,…). Wonderful city with a lot of french tourists. If you have a day, here is what I did to visit the city !

St Paul’s Cathedral

It’s nice to start by visitng the St Paul’s Cathedral and walk on the Millenium bridge (the one that was in the Harry Potter’s movies) towards the Tate Modern.

Jubilee Greenway

Did you know that you visit London by following the Jubilee Greenway and enjoy the view near the river. Keep following the Jubilee Greenway until youa re seeing the Shard. Go see the Tower of London


During your day full of visit take some time to go to one or all the following museums : the Museum of Natural History, the Science Museum and the British Museum. A packed day of visit.

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