Oxford University Colleges

Are you ready to visit some Oxford University Colleges. Here we come ! I really wanted to visit Christ Church College and Magdalen College with its parc of deers.

Christ Church College

Christ Church College has its own park near the river and if you are lucky you will be able to see some squirrels. The college also have its own cathédrale, If you are interested and want to assist to an event  there are different dates and price. And if you want to go to the Christmas concert of Christ Church go here.

Vaults and Garden café

Take a warm break in the Vaults and Garden (you can see my article on V&G here , a cup of Mojito Mint herbal tea is the best way to warm you up.

Magdalen College

The architecture of the cloister was nice and ancient. In the huge park of Magdalen College you can see some deers and birds in the middle really close to the path. Finish the visit of Magdalen College by wandering into its walls.

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