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Would you fancy a cup of Tea?

I am a real Tea lover, I can’t drink coffee not even one cup. I can drink three to four cups of Tea per day and even more when I am really tired. To survive I had to find a good place to drink some Tea during the day or after a shopping afternoon. I tried Nero cofee shop or even Prêt à manger but it was not that good or deserved the price.


One afternoon, I followed my friends to a Tea place named The Vaults and Garden (http://www.thevaultsandgarden.com/). It’s a really nice place near the city center and the covered market. It’s a 5-minutes walk from Magdalen street and near High street at the level of the University Church of StMary the Virgin. You can drink nice Tea or herbal Tea, different type of coffee and hot chocolate. With your drink it’s possible to eat homemade and healthy cakes, toasts and scones.

My favourite Tea in The Vaults and Garden is the Darjeeling Tea and I really liked the fruits scones there with raspberry jelly. If you never tried a scone or if you only ate one in France you must taste one in England they are really good. You will have the opportunity to drink inside or outside with a view on the Radcliffe library. I really like this place and it become an habit to drink some Tea there after a class or during the weekend.


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