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“Never stop” learning about Photography, after testing ZOOM’UP this time I decided to test another photography class with : “Graine de Photographe”. Because they are bigger than ZOOM’UP and they have a larger variety of photography classes (for all levels). If you are a beginner you are welcomed (discover your Reflex classes at 49€). You have to really look at the description of each classes because some of them need prerequisites.

The Photography class

If you are like me and you want to enhance your basis and learn more technique you should definitely take the “Manual mode and Exposition” class. This class will allow you to be more creative and enjoy trying new concepts. The class’ structure is close to the one of ZOOM’UP, which means : 1h30 of explanation, 1h30 of practice and 1h of feedback with a hot drink to keep warm.

Manual mode and Exposition

Usually when you take a photography class it’s in small committee, 8 to 10 persons, of all ages and with reflex cameras. Hence with “Graine de Photographe” if you don’t have a reflex camera they will lend you one. The “Manual mode and Exposition” class is intended for people who knows the basics of aperture and shutter speed. The teacher, a professional photographer, talked a little about the basis and went to the specificities of light and the usage of the Manual Mode. So you will not get lost if you forgot a little about the basics. After the theory class we walked to the “Institut du Monde Arabe” to play with the light on the rooftop, inside the building and outside. Here are some of my shots :

To sum up, I really enjoyed this class and It was the first time that I felt that I could take my own photos with confidence. Therefore I could use my creativity and my environment to create stories.



For who? Everyone, all ages

Where? Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nice, Paris, Strasboug, Toulouse

Price? 89€ for collective classes  (in French)

Website: (in French)

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