Student in Seoul – Konkuk University


It’s a private university located in Seoul and Chungju. The Seoul campus is located in the southeastern part of Seoul, near the Han River, and is served by a metro station of the same name. Konkuk University was originally founded by Dr. Yoo as the Chosun Political Science School in May 1946.


The Seoul campus includes fifteen colleges, sixty-four departments, and eleven professional graduate schools. The Chungju campus includes five colleges, thirty-six departments. A total of 25,700 students are enrolled at these two campuses.


One of the distinctive features of the Konkuk campus is the large number of stones from many countries around the world. The main axes of the university are lined, on each side, by these stones, each of which features an inscription—often a motto, poem or quotation from a major literary work—which illustrates something important about the donating country. On the back, there is a translation into Korean, and also into English for non-English language inscriptions. To date, there are nearly 200 of these stones at Konkuk.

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