Road Trip in Japan – Nara

South Korea and Japan are really close to each other so it’s a real opportunity to go visit the neighbourhood country. Japan is a dream destinations for a lot of traveller. In the following articles you will know how you can organize a one week road trip. One week, three cities and a small budget.


#1 Todai-ji Temple

Todai-ji is a buddhist temple loated in Nara, the biggest and oldest wooden-construction (Daibutsu-den, 1692) in the world hosting an impressive Buddha statue ! The temple have the status of UNESCO world heritage.

#2 Deers

If you can resume the city of Nara by one word it will be deers, deers, deers everywhere! You can find them around the forest or in the city center. If you want to feed them you will find deer’s food in the shops.

#3 Tea Time

Near the Todai-ji temple you find several shops to buy souvenirs, try out clothes or drink a nice cup of tea with traditional japanses pastries.

#4 Japanese Food

Here is a list of the japanese food that I tried and really liked during my road trip. I taste traditional sushis, green tea treats and a lot of different sweets. The taste of Matcha (special green tea in Japan) in a lot of pastries is really delicious. Japanese pastries & parfait (green tea chiffon cake, chestnut cream, green tea agar agar).


Ready for Kyoto  ?

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