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Kiruna to Abisko, Let me see Northern Lights



After the Ice hotel visit we went back into the bus to go see a traditional Sami farm with reindeers. The Sami culture is really present in the North of Sweden and in some places the routes indications are in Swedish and in Sami language. Sami people live of the mivestock farming of reindeer. It was the first time for me to see reindeers, to feed them and pet them. They are really beautiful and calm animals. We also enjoyed a traditional meeting-around-the-fire discussion with traditional food and drinks. It’s a nice thing to do if you have the chance.

For the last time of the day we went back into the bus direction the Abisko National Park, a 77 km² national park, just nature, animals and tourists. We had rooms in the STF Abisko Turistation, if you are a family you can rent private houses.

At 9pm we joined our group and walked to a nearby Sami tent, with a fire and a barbecue, to wait for the Northern lights. We were really lucky that night because we didn’t have to wait a long time before seing some green fog in the night sky. The Auroras Borealis really “exploded” at 11pm, it was amazing to the Auroras “danced” above our heads and changing colors, green, pink and purple. It was really cold, -20°C, I had a knee on the ground, snow everywhere and not-that-much-warm gloves but I didn’t care it was just magical. I will remenber this night and the Auroras will stay in my heart forever.

And after this amazing night we spent one day in Norway, Narvik, and we had to go back.

Sweden: Lapland & Friends




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