A week in Lapland (Part 1)


Direction the Artic Circle ! Here is a new article in 3 parts about a week long trip in the Swedish and Norwish Lapland. Don’t hesitate to read my article “Top Must Do in Lapland“.

#1 Organised trip

If you are registering for an organised trip to Lapland and that you are leaving from the south of Sweden you will have 24 hours of bus to go. Yes really, 24 hours of bus to cross the country from South to North. If you are a student, planned trips are perfect (tips : I used Scanbalt experience : here).

#2 Kiruna

The city is mostly dedicated to Iron mining and the population are miners with their families. The church of Kiruna, 1912, with most of the houses to the new city will have to be moved to allow the expansion of the mine. Near the city you can do sledge dog and snowmobil activitires.

#3 Sledge Dog

Don’t miss the chance to experience sledge dog and snowmobil activity near Kiruna. You are going to love the sledge dog nd see the dogs running in front and around you. There is only silence and nature. It’s so beautiful. The dogs only want to run and never stop, they are eating snow while running which is really funny.

#4 Ice Hotel

Take the direction of the Ice Hotel, one of its kind hotel which is made with frozen river’s water and snow. It’s really impressive to see and you can book a room inside, go to the church (you can get married there) and enjoy the Ice bar.

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