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What’s the news…….I was really sick for two weeks and couldn’t focus in class efficiently. I think I had the flue but I can not sure. I was dead tired and slept a lot during the day but couldn’t sleep during the night. So, I decided to finish my October project: transfer all my articles from my old blog to my new blog. I started a blog on Tumblr two years ago before going to Seoul as a diary for my parents, a reminder for me and a safe place to save my memories. I had to finish the transfer of all my articles from my old blog. I decided to sort theses articles by destinations: South Korea, Japan and London. It’s much easier that way than it was on Tumblr and I like the fact that everything is classify.

I am so happy!

The 28th of October It has been one month since I arrived in Oxford, times fly. I already found some good places, habits and even rituals (Friday’s night is one of them). I will continue to discover the city and I definitely need to visit some Oxford’s Colleges. I don’t know which one to see first, Chirst Church, Magdalen, New College,…….Oxford is a city of opportunities.

What’s coming next?


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