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Christ Church & Magdalen Colleges

This Saturday (21th of November) we decided with one of my friend to go visit some Oxford University Colleges. I really wanted to visit Christ Church College and my friend wanted to visit Magdalen College and its parc with deers. So, we went outside in the cold weather and the strong wind to eat in town. We started with Christ Church College, we already went to its park near the river and saw some squirrels. So here we go !

  The first thing I realised while visiting Christ Church College was that it was really huge and the college has its own cathédrale. I understand now that students have the feeling to live in another world. Everything is made to facilitate the life of the students, huge libraries, bedrooms and even a cathédrale. This cathédrale was my favourite place in all the college. We were lucky enough to assist to the rehearsals of the choir and the orchestra for the Christams ceremonies. It was pretty and gave me chills. If you are interested and want to assist to an event you can go on http://www.chch.ox.ac.uk/events there are different dates and price. And if you want to go to the Christmas concert of Christ Church here the link http://www.musicatoxford.com/Concerts/Events1516/Christmas.html but don’t wait too much, a lot of tickets are already sold out.

After our visit of Chirst Church College we took a warm break in the Vaults and Garden (you can see my article on V&G here : http://www.livetravelbecrazy.com/oxford-uk-tea-place/, a cup of Mojito Mint herbal tea is the best way to warm up. Next we went to visit Magdalen College still in the cold weather.

The sun was starting to go down and the weather was cloudy so it felt like we were in a frozen dimension, quiet and relaxing. The architecture of the cloister was nice and ancient. We walked around the place and looked at the garden while the sun was gradually fading in the horizon. In the huge park of Magdalen College we saw some deers and birds in the middle really close to the path. It was really cold and it was starting to be late so we didn’t go around the parc just few meters. We finished the visit of Magdalen College and walk back to our bus stop to go back home and drink a well deserved hot chocolate before going out at night.

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