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Microsoft Future Decoded


ExCel London

In relation with my studies I had the chance to go to the Future Decoded event wednesday 10th of November to discover more about business, technology, data and even more https://futuredecoded.microsoft.com/).

For the opening Keynote we were lucky to listen to the co-founder of Innocent, Richard Reed, it was really interesting to have a speech about competitive advantage, identification of the brand and the importance of feedback in an organization. After this speech we had a presentation made by the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. Microsoft is developing key resources to enable people to work together more efficiently.  I was really interested by the intelligent cloud platform (public & hybrid) that Microsoft is developing. After this we listened to the CEO of Virgin atlantic, Craig Kreeger,  and the implementation of technologies to enhance their customers experience and wellness.

“Little things, Huge impact”

After the opening Keynote I attended different sessions, like “Unlock your Data dividend with Data culture” which was focused on industry transformation, the goal to speek a common culture, opportunities and moneytizing the data. I also attended a session presented by the company JustGiving and its use of the cloud to create a social network between users based on what make people generous, their values, their influencers,…..

At the end of the day Microsoft presented its three new products and made demonstrations. The first one was the new Surface pro computer (really light). The second one was the Surface Hub, a big screen to allow workers to connect and be more efficient.

The last one was the Hololens, it was really exciting to see this new technology. In the Future Decoded expo I had the chance to use the Surface Hub and Surface pro computer. To sum up, this day was really interesting and inspiring for all of us. Here is a video made by one of my friends, Enjoy.

Creator: Enrique Sacault

Youtube channel: Enrique Sacault



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