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The 20th of October our school alumni network organized a business drink in London. All students from the Oxford campus were invited for a cultural evening. For this occasion we were received with graduate students living in London to an art gallery owned by Virginie Morysse (2003): Zabludowicz Collection (http://www.zabludowiczcollection.com/)


We had the chance to have the museum for ourself and a lot of time to enjoy the exposition.  The subject of the exposition was the artist Jon RAFMAN.

“For his first major solo exhibition in the UK, Canadian artist Jon Rafman has transformed the spaces of the Zabludowicz Collection into a playful series of new installations that immerse visitors within his video and sculptural works. Emerging from his interest in the relationship between technology and human consciousness, Rafman’s works examine ideas of desire – its simulation and enactment. “

We had the chance to discover the installations and one of them was a maze. When we arrived to the end of the maze we experienced a virtual reality activity through an Oculus Rift, It was really disturbing to not feel anymore the reality and be totally immersed in a virtual reality. I understood this exposition as a questioning about the difference between real and virtual, the fact that some people find themself better in a virtual world and also the existence of the “Deep Web”. With the technological innovations around us, like the Oculus Rift, we can ask ourself how we will react with this virtual reality and its impact on our perception of reality.

Real & Virtual



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