19 June 2016 livetravelbecrazy 0Comment

1158km far from Séoul, Welcome to Japan

First stops: Osaka and Nara

South Korea and Japan are really close to each other so it’s a real opportunity to go visit the neighbourhood country. Japan is one of my dream destinations, part of its history and cultural background really attract me. In the following articles you will know  what I did during my one week road trip with some friends. One week, four cities and a small budget. We arrived in Osaka at night and enjoyed a walk in the city the next morning, after we headed to the city of Nara.

Nara: deers, deers, deers everywhere! An amazing buddhist temple and a huge Buddha’s statue in Todai-ji Temple. Took the chance to have an omen (luckily a very good one 😉 ).

Second stop: Kyoto! The city where the past lives in the present

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