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Lapland, Direction the Polar Artic Circle



After nearly two months in Sweden I took my backpack and my camera direction Lapland. With some friends we registered for an organised trip to Lapland, one day in Kiruna and two days in Abisko but first……24 hours of bus to go there? Yes really, 24 hours of bus to cross the country from South to North. Totally worth it, I had the best time of my life, my eyes are still shinning and my heart still bumping. If you are astudent, planned trips are perfect.

We arrived at 8 am in Kiruna and took a well-deserved breakfast. It was not that cold, -5°C, we walked around the city before going to the sledge dog and snowmobil activity. The city is mostly dedicated to Iron mining and the population are miners with their families. The church of Kiruna, 1912, with most of the houses to the new city will have to be moved to allow the expansion of the mine.

After the walk we went to the sledge dog and snowmobil activity near Kiruna. I was really excited it was the first time I was doing that. I really loved the sledge dog, the dogs were running in front of me and around there was only silence and nature. It was so beautiful. The dogs only wanted to run and never stop, they were eating snow while running and were complaining when we stopped.

The day passed without me even noticing, I was dead tired after the bus ride and a full day of excitement. The next morning we took the direction of the Ice Hotel, one of its kind hotel made with frozen river’s water and snow. You can book a room inside, go to the church and enjoy the Ice bar.

And after? Went back in the bus direction the sami farm.

Sweden: Lapland & Friends





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