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Top 5 Fika Treats

“Taste it !”

In Sweden, fika could be translated as a coffee break, it happens everyday around 2/3 pm and it’s the moment to slow down a little, take a break from work, drink a cup of tea or coffee, talk with friends and enjoy life. Here is a short list of “Must Eat” sweets for fika time !

  1. Kanelbullar (Cinammon roll)


Kanelbullar or cinnamon roll is a typical fika treat in Sweden. This pastry is made of cardemom in the bun and the filling is a mix of butter and cinammon spice, it is often topped with granulated sugar. You can eat it all the year long, Enjoy! (This one is my favourite, try it from different places and find the best for you).

Café Husaren: café and pastries, biggest Kanelbullar in the world (check out : http://www.cafehusaren.se/sidor/kakor2.htm)

      2. Chokladboll (Chocolate balls)

Chokoladboll bis.jpg

This sweet is a small sized raw ball made of a mix of oatmeal, sugar, butter and cocoa. Chocolate balls are traditionally covered into coconut flakes or sugar. This sweet goes really well with a cup of tea or coffee. You find different type od chokoladboll but this is one is the traditional one.

Condeco: café and pizza (check out : http://www.condeco.com/ )

  3. Semla

Semla bis.jpg

A Semla is a small flour bun, flavoured with cardemom, it is filled with almond paste and whipped cream. This sweet has its own feast, it is called Fat Tuesday (or fettisdag in swedish). The number one Semla maker in Gothenburg, for me, is Brogyllen, but be really careful it’s only available until Easter, so until then eat it to your heart content.

Brogyllen: Café and Bakery (check out: http://www.brogyllen.se/index.php)

    4. Punchrulle (Punsch rolls)

Punchrulle bis.jpg

This one have an original shape and color. You can compare it to a small log, filled with cookie crumb, arak, butter and cocoa mix, covered in a layer of green or pink marzipan and both ends dipped in chocolate. It is really sweet and could be a little “heavy” on the stomach but it is delicious !

Jacobs Café: Largest café (check out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jacobs-Caf%C3%A9/120837127983113). 

      5. Gräddbullar or Gräddbulle (or Cream buns)

Gräddbullar bis.jpg

The last fika treat to try is the Gräddbullar. This Bell shape sweet is made of a thin wafer at the bottom as a foundation, mousse and chocolate on top of it. The texture can be close to a marshmallow. You can find different flavours and some of them can be a little strange so be careful.

Espresso House : café  (Check out: http://www.espressohouse.com/paa-menyn/bakverk/).

Now, Let’s Fika!











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