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Gothenburg, Here I come!

Saturday 16th, I left France once again to go abroad. This time I went to study in Sweden, Gothenburg. I arrived at the airport with two suitcases and one big backpack…..yes, I am going in a cold country. I left Paris with a bright sun and 2/3°C and arrived saturday at 3:05pm with snow and -8°C. That’s a good start I think.

The university of Gothenburg and the Student union prepared a pick-up on Saturday so it was easy for us to go sign a contract and go to our residence. AT 7pm I was finally in my new home in the residence Olofshöjd. It’s a really huge residence with a lot of flats, students have their own flat (bedroom + bathroom) and have to share a kitchen. I am lucky because I have to share my kichen with four other people, not too many. The room is spacious and the bathroom has good furnitures. A good start!

Monday, beginning of the semester, I had no class but all lorning was dedicated to welcome exchange student studying in the School of Business, economics and law. The building is big and modern, big windows to see the sun.

Three days, it took Gothenburg three days to make me like it. The city is full of surprises and place to discover. I am excited to be there for 5 months! Gothenburg, Here I come!

Sweden & Snow

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