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Is it Finally Spring ?


Hi there! I am living in Sweden since the beginning of January and I really enjoyed the winter (snow, snow, snow everywhere). I went to Copenhagen and Lapland (articles on my blog). I really loved the Swedish winter but I was really looking forward for Spring. Swedish people warned us and told us that Spring really come in the end of april or beginning of May. Spring is mostly a drop of luck between rainy day (sometimes hail), cloudy day or sunny day!


The last two weeks we really had the feeling that we finally arrived in the flower side of the force! Last Sunday, 1st of May, we had a bright sunny blue sky weather and with a good friend we took the direction to the parc, Slottsskogen (tram stop: Linnéplatsen). Slottsskogen park is not really far from the city center and just in front of the Botaniska garden. In the park there is a nice zoo with pinguin, moose, poney, rabbits, swan and even more animals to go see. The park is really vast so be sure to check a map.

Spring time is launched by the apparition of the nice and beautiful cherryblossom flowers. Gothenburg celebrated the beginning of spring with an Hanami in Slottsskogen park and different events such as a parade, concerts and markets. It is also a really good time to go study outside, on the grass under the sun. You can also take a fika and sit on a terrace and enjoy a nice kanelbullar with the sun.

Enjoying my last month in Sweden <3




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