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Gothenburg, Snö & Discoveries!

It’s already been more than one week since I arrived in Sweden in the city of Gothenburg. When I arrived last Saturday (16/01) I knew it will be cold and snowy. Snow decided to come again in Gothenburg last Tuesday with 30/35 cm. I was really happy and surprised to see swedish people not used to have that much snow. The trams were blocked, the steeets were slippery and I was late for my first class. But I loved it!

I am studying at the university of Gothenburg and more precisely at the School of Business, Economic & Law and some teachers are doing the “15 minutes academic”. I didn’t understood what it was first but, some teacher start their class 15 minutes after the suppose time. We have to know which teachers does it otherwise punctuality is really important in Sweden.

I didn’t really got lost during this few days. Because each time I had problems to find a place or we were looking for a place with some friends some swedish talked to us and helped us spontaneously. Even in a big supermarjket like ICA I asked someone where to find something and 100% of the time I received some help.

Swedish & Snö

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