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Sweden to Norway, Let’s go see the Fjords!

Friday 11th March, We woke up early with some friends and went into the bus at 9:30. In only 2 hours we were at the boarder of Norway. We stopped before the city of Narvik to admire the Fjords and contemplate the cristal clear water. The blue sky and clouds were reflecting into the water and created nice sceneries.

Some people were throwing rocks on the surface of the lake, picking up stones and taking groups pictures. We drove to the city of Narvik, a nice little harbor city in the north, and had free time to look around and visit. With a friend we walked and arrived at the harbor. It was warmer than in Abisko, there was no ice on the streets and the wind was not cold, I didn’t even wear gloves.

A surprise was waiting for us back to the STF Abisko Turistation, we had the opportunity to go into a traditional wooden-heated Swedish sauna and to take a dip in the ice-cold lake. We went into the first slot to enjoy the daylight, I didn’t want to run to the hole in the lake without seing in front of me. The sauna was really enjoyable but going into the ice-cold water was really hard and a little scary. We had to woke up around 8am to pack and to clean the room and after that we had some free time to enjoy (before the 24h of bus ride to go back). With one of my friends, Lara, we took a ski lift up to the highest mountain and had a 360° degrees view on the valley.

I was scared as hell, I am scared of heights, it was a real challenge for me to be on the ski lift above the snow and I tried to focus on the arrival. I had to close my eyes and speak to my firend. The way back was much better, I opened my eyes, looked at the scenery and even took some pictures. So, never say no just because of fear ;). Back on the ground we took the direction of the canyon and waterfall.

It was already time to go back in the yellow bus for 24 hours, from Abisko to Gothenburg, from Lapland to my Swedish home. Lapland was amazing and I did so much “First time”experiences, such a wonderful trip. If you have the chance to go to Lapland just go you will love it !

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